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but I do have feet
Note: to fully understand this poem you need a little background knowledge of Greek Mythology. Provided, in the description, is a very brief summary of the myth that inspired this poem. Thank you.
clawing gut,
the Beasts force freedom.
burning throat and searing nose;
they escape into reality.
the strive of uniqueness
a vain endeavor.
a breath on a cold day
memories. (or dust?)
touched by Dolos
(only seeking amusement),
the mind fades
as nightmares long forgotten
horror remaining constant.
(I can not see)
history bound repeat;
time claims another head.
the same mistake: a different face
Fool of the Zeus of zeus
memory is not there
(try grasping particles of gas)
mundane passion now resides.
a puppet forced to dance
(Prometheus whips the string)
the same jig to a jeering crowd.
(never will I learn
:iconpeircingarrow:PeircingArrow 1 0
She no longer knows.
a swirling shadow claims her pail allure.
Her face a memory that I once prized
buried in ghouls born by an evil pure
that through her, render true desires disguised.
the shadows I endeavor to, just, graze
in my hand shades dissolve, and leave a fear
and broiled skin. Tempests breed upon the haze,
that strikes and smolders those that stray a-near
perhaps a brightened blaze would clear the shade,
or mayhap I could cloak the light, and stare
as specters fade away - absolving maid
Of broken soul, its hatred through despair.
Her burdened surface I attempt and trudge,
Her spirit I only can try and judge.
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Poet's pens are scalpels
that gently part skin
to allow knowledge of
reality and its mistresses'
to seep into the blood and
find rest in the heart.
When by chance I glance
upon faded lines inscribed
in my body, I remember,
as if it were my Own.
that must mean
my pen is a dull axe,
which cleaves my side
and cracks my bones
to leak foreign letters
upon an empty page.
I read.
Nothing I ever wanted.
I crumple my flesh
to start over again.
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twisted thoughts
twisted thoughts of below
the night signals I am here
Burn me now, and watch me glow.
I am the energy that can not flow
bound to serve who can not hear
twisted thoughts of below
to the music soft and slow
mute to whispers of the ear
Burn me now, and watch me glow.
cut to pieces and torso
Nothing lives that does not fear
twisted thoughts of below
an affinity for blackened snow
I must melt to become clear
burn me now, and watch me glow.
for what I soon must know
I am forced to be the seer
twisted thoughts of below
Burn me now, and watch me glow.
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a robin's insight -- haibun
I am the robin who protects these woods, ever watching; never sleeping. My daily routine is to stare at the humans who tread along this path. Clumsy beasts that seem to not realize the plants they bump and bugs they stomp. Why must such a being intrude, when it has so much all ready? They can not sing, they can not dance, they can not soar. Trapped on the ground, with no way to leave, perhaps that is why they must have the whole thing.
They pluck our berries
clear cut woods and broken homes
staring as we burn.
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Home, at last
There was no wind,
the trees were still.
the lake glass
that reflects the horizon.
Birds fly in large lazy loops
in search of the answer
they never can find.
I enter the water,
the cold a lover's embrace
sapping my strength
feeding me ease.
for the first time, I am calm
I plunge into the abyss
to never return.
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a robin's insight
I was taking my dog for a walk in the park,
he was experiencing new wonders, for the thousandth time.
a large robin flew through the sky,
to land on it's perch not far from my sight.
red breast flexed and proud beady eyes
stared down at the intruders who entered his home.
forceful will demanded us to withdraw,
to leave the beast at peace.
thinking better,
the robin cocked his head
as if to challenge our very existence
how could such a thing live
in a two hundred pound body
that can't sing dance or soar,
or even catch it's own prey.
as if to prove his point, he flew away.
my dog charges down the path
splashing in puddles, swimming in rivers
perfectly content as long as I'm there.
that is what it must feel like, to be truly free.
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Open Cage version 2
my mind, my mind,
a disobedient slave
I tell it to think, it only draws blank.
I tell it to sleep, it only thinks.
I tell it to focus, it wanders away.
What good, what good,
is a servant who can't listen?
my mind is broken
with only one way to fix it,
I must break it again.
I lock my mind in an open cage
but, of course, it does nothing.
for it does not see harsh reality,
or simplicity of escape.
instead it ponders what would be
if the past could be rewritten.
my mind remains broken,
unable to function
hiding in the time when I still had a chance.
the Woman who crushed it,
she never knew
perhaps that is why my mind remains there.
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Open Cage
I have locked my mind in an open cage,
I hold the key, but the door can not latch.
it does not see harsh reality,
or simplicity of escape.
Instead it ponders what would be
if the past could be rewritten
I have locked my mind in an open cage,
from where
it can not escape.
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she fell to the earth in a stream of shrapnel
and stardust in holy proportions; born
of silence and unfulfillment, tumulting
through that narrow area between
expectations and reality where
the pink glaze marred her romantic,
(blurry: a photograph held by careless hands;
a memory outdated and forgotten
and beautiful, once, before
the future fell in pace)
she landed with a deafening crack--
ribcage split and spilling secrets,
gasping for air beneath the surface of a pond
so stagnant that even the lilies withered away:
bubbles rose slowly (she began the process
of forgetting to breathe)
and she was not made for
our atmosphere; the air poisoned
her velvet skin and thickened
her blood-- it trickled through her veins
with nothing better to do, stopping short
of her heart (coagulating in her throat,
weighting her words)
evolution in reverse: she became
one of us.
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 42 50
Eagle Girl
Eagle Girl:
She soars above clouds,
Beloved, wild, unrestrained.
Ended by envy.
- Chen Yuan Wen, 27th January 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 300 64
starry eyes implode
she cannot recall all
the things she's
pretty pills, rancid
razor blades and
wasted words coat
her sorry throat
she can't count her
fingers, like she can't
count the days again--
it's zero to zero, in it
to spin it:
time is measured in
lengths of abandonment.
she comes home empty-
handed; defeated,
depleted, repeated:
"I gave up again
I gave up I gave it
away I gave up"
repeated like some
makeshift lullaby
and once more she
apologizes to a
broken window,
shattered, scattered,
just hoping to
know somewhere
better to go
and when she walks,
she holds hands
with the yellowed
skeleton of a
forgotten little girl--
on their tour of
the world. she
stops at the
edge and whispers
'there is a point of
no return' with
a guiding hand;
she sends her off
and realizes she's
only killed
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 28 28
Colors Contest

Update:  The Colors Contest Results are Finally In!!!
OK, yes, it has been quite awhile since this contest ended.  There have complications outside the current DLD administration's control which lead to some of the delay - the rest of the time: procrastination.  :blush: In any case, better late than never, right?
Anyway, here are the winners:
1st Place: 

The color of betrayal by TheBrassGlass

2nd Place:

Barracuda by Sigma-Echo-Seven
3rd Place:

:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 54 58
they came like phantoms;
oceanic whispers left me washed out.
those gossamer ghosts that lined
the doorways-- eyes in a constant
state of surprise as they reached for me:
needle fingers pricked, fueling
my addictions. they ached
for my veins, entangled like
the strings of my paper heart
and they stained my skin,
amethyst bruises in the shape
of recognition.
their breaths were the heavy hums
of a forgotten lullaby "one day you
will leave, and you will fade into a
virulent void, like us. you will warm
our icy bones, and we will love you,
like no one else can.
go back to sleep, little girl, we will
come again" with their cerulean
secrets painted on my arms,
they became the empty walls.
I wake up alone, and silence
falls. I only hear the echo of
my hungering heart.
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 41 64
Big Contest(Win 1 Year PM)CLOSED
What honestly humbles me the most when it comes to dA, is that even when I am doing absolutely nothing, and seldom comment on your stuff lately (It's not due to me being uninterested, I just have become super busy lately, and I need to adjust my classwork/dA work) I still average at least 50 pageviews a day. I think that is lovely. While I don't look at pageviews when it comes to popularity, it's nice that my inactivity has made it so I am not forgotten.
So to show my appreciation, I would really like to kick my first year off on dA with a BANG. And that is with what? Making my own contest, with what as a grand prize? A One-Year Premium Membership
To Participate
o1. Favorite this journal
o2. Advertise this contest in your groups, journal, etc.
o3. When you have your entry ready (you can make a new one or use an old one), please leave it in the comments so I can favorite it into the judging folder.
- No word limi
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 89 367
Bub 5266 by BTFotografie Bub 5266 :iconbtfotografie:BTFotografie 2 0
you have to climb a hill on my name,
but you rather have it flat, simple...
Well, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
:iconcherishkay:CherishKay 2 0
but a dream
I do not fall anymore.
I do not stand to fall.
I do not fall to sleep
Or to grasp a dream
Wrestled subconsciously
Beneath my pillow,
Or the backlight of a hope
That has lingered longer
Than I have lived,
Heaved more sorrows
Than I have known
Between the exposed fissures
Of grinding bones
And sharp yawns
Yawing at my feet,
Dragging me far deeper
Than a dream
Such as this.
:iconpurple-panda-sxr:Purple-Panda-SxR 3 7
The Hidden Artist: Writer Feature 1
This is the first installment of my feature of beautiful writers who have lovely talent here on DeviantArt but are not as well known as some of the other established artists here on dA. This is going to be a daily (or every other day) feature where we are going to showcase three males and three females with their beautiful art.
Support these excellent artists by :+fav:ing this journal and maybe leaving a comment on some of their works!
A very talented writer who can take on any perspective given to her and write beautiful pieces. She has deviations in her gallery that someone of any age can enjoy!

A beautiful nineteen year old college student, Caroline expresses her heart and soul in her writings--which is a very admirable trait. It is obvious to tell that she values all of her deviations and that she puts all of her fantastic talent in each piece!
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 7 25
Skeletal Foundations
it's the city that makes you,
she says when her industrialized eyes
start to flicker. her heart rushes
like a subway falling late and
the patterns in her skin remind you of
striated architecture (reminds you of how
everything's human in its own way)
we're precarious concrete skeletons
crafted by men praying we won't fall,
and we yearn- you know- we ache
for a sense of vitality and being to
enter us and make us more than a
pale ghost of an engineer's dreams and
maybe we have our own shadowy corners,
commotion exists betwixt her ears and
she's a destination, a place to rest and
catch your breath but not to settle
down because the moment you blink
smog will steal the stars and she will
already have travelled on.
yet when she slept that night, she cried
graffiti tears that stained her cheeks
in a way some might consider artistic;
she says there's never enough time
to complete the things we promised
and one way roads only ever lead
farther from the people we used to be.
[when you wonde
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 32 45
I found meaning
In words so unspoken,
And the places
No eye catches.
In the shade of behemoth movement,
Watching a life
Behind the borders of mind,
Without a breath or word
A reason to question the air above my head.
How I breathe
And am held down,
And crawl through forests
Still as the sky.
Release burden,
And listen to what was always there
Between branches and channels,
And breathe.
Learn from each
To know yourself.
And the one's you would surrender it all for.
Continue with that emblem
To reaches
Out of corners.
Make the road your own.
Forget each curve
And listen in silence.
There we find answers that we only dreamed to know.
:iconautumnsfallensky:AutumnsFallenSky 271 125
DFC Day 9: Culminations
jaundiced hands will not
resuscitate. steadfast nights
have no home (but timely graves)
her eyes dimmed rosy.
discontinued pallid echoes,
bone cages "we're never free"
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 14 16






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